White Ink Wedding Invitations = The Bee’s Knees!

White Ink Wedding Invite - Air Mail

White ink printed on a cobalt blue cardstock in our Modern Air Mail White Ink Wedding Invitation Suite

We’re super excited to offer white ink printing in-house! That’s right, we can now print white ink on dark (or light) card stock for a unique wedding invitation design.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “What’ the big deal? Why is white ink so special?”, so here is the skinny on what makes our white ink process mind blowing!

First off, traditionally white ink was discouraged (there is no white swatch in the Pantone color book). Printers have a CMYK color base. Meaning, cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors are mixed together in various ways to produce the colors of the rainbow. Obviously, if your mixing colors from this base, white is not an option.

Sure, there were ways to make a lighter color ink, nearing white, but the options were slim. Foil stamping, silkscreen or vinyl transfers could get to a white color. But, these options added extra production time that brides typically didn’t have and extra cost, which could easily hemorrhage your wedding budget.

Yeah, a full press could produce a white ink look, but it required printing multiple layers of an opaque ink on the page to make it possible (see back to extra production and cost mentioned above). Plus, by passing the paper through the machine multiple times you can lose the ability to read the type (kind of important part of your wedding invitation).

Lucky of us, we’ve got a way to make white ink possible and are over the moon about our new white ink wedding invitation designs. Our process allows us to use colored paper as the base, instead of white paper and then printing the colored background. Because this process is so unique, and this service is offered by everyone, your wedding invitations will be unique and one-of-a-kind!

White Ink Wedding Invite - Crest Passport

White ink printed on a custom duplex cardstock in our Vintage Tropical Crest White Ink Passport Wedding Invitation Suite

There are some things to keep in mind with white ink printing:

  • When printed on dark paper, such as a navy, chocolate brown or black, the white ink will not be bright white. Think about it, when you wear a white t-shirt, you can see through it. While you won’t be able to “see through” the white ink, the hue of the dark paper below will cause the white to not be bright white.
  • Smoother papers will have a whiter-white. The ink is better able to “grab on” with a smoother surface. For example, a linen paper will not have the same white ink look as a matte cardstock.
  • Weight makes a difference as well. Not just in the overall feel and look of your wedding invitation suite, our premium paper selections will give the white ink the best look and print.

The samples shown feature the white ink in different ways. In the Modern Air Mail White Ink Wedding Invitation, we printed white ink on a cobalt cardstock. Cobalt is a brighter blue than navy, so the white ink really pops off the page. The RSVP that accompanies this wedding invite is also white ink printed on the cobalt cardstock. A white block of ink was printed for the guests to write-in their names. White boxes were used for the guests to check their options: Yes, No and meal choices.

The Vintage Tropical Crest White Ink Passport Wedding Invitation uses white ink on the cover only. White ink is printed on custom duplex cardstock for a heavier feel. The inside of the passport uses traditional CMYK printing.

You can easily see how in both examples the white ink looks crisp and sharp; a standout look that will make your wedding invitation one-of-a-kind.

Still have questions about white ink wedding invitations? Contact us and we’ll get you the answers you’re looking for!