Terms & Policies

We would like to state here that any content (including designs, language, photos, etc) is exclusively copyright to Serendipity Beyond Design and any attempt to use our content without permission will not be tolerated. Any samples purchased, designs purchased and/or emailed are copyright by Serendipity Beyond Design and can not be duplicated in any manner.

Please note that all images, designs and proofs (both hard copy and digital) are subject to copyright protection and may not be used online or printed without written permission by Serendipity – Beyond Design. If you would like to post our designs on a wedding blog or forum, please contact us first.

Your privacy is very important to us. For this reason we will never sell, give away or distribute any personal information in any way. This means is we do not give away or sell your e-mail address, home address, phone number or anything else you input, nor do we mail you anything. For this reason, we do not keep any credit card information on file.

Due to the custom nature of our work, all orders require the purchase of a Design Fee listing – this fee can vary from $10 to $75, depending on the style and design you choose. (This fee covers the design time spent on customizing a design for you and the press set-up of your stationery for printing.) By purchasing a Design Fee listing, you are reserving a spot with us and starting the process for your own custom design!

Please note that the Design Fee is non-refundable in the event that you decide not to place your order with us. Also, if you do not order enough stationery and need more reprinted, there will not be another design fee required, but there is a minimum press set-up fee of $25 to get your order back on press.

Up to 3 emailed proofs in JPG or PDF format (There is a $10 fee per proof after the first 3 proofs)
1 printed proof sent via USPS mail.
 (Expedited shipping for samples, if requested, will be an additional charge. Samples are shipped without a tracking number unless otherwise requested.)

The design fee is a separate cost and does not go towards the cost of the printed items.
The design fee will be listed on your invoice in addition to the cost of your printed items and shipping fee. In the rare case that your custom design ends up being more than the Design Fee you purchased (example: you need additional proofs than the allotted 3, or decide you want a whole new design than the one you originally purchased), then you will be asked to pay the additional design fee prior to us moving forward with new proofs.

Any additional costs for the design will always be brought to your attention first before proceeding with proofs. The amount of the Design Fee initially paid to start the process will be deducted from the invoice total.

CUSTOMIZING: We are happy to customize your order as much as we can – in fact, the more we can personalize it, the better! We want you to be happy with your stationery, but please do not commission us if you do not like our style of design – we kindly ask that you browse our website prior to purchasing a Design Fee to make sure we are a good fit as your stationery designer. Asking us to copy another design (even if it is your own!) is not acceptable. We will try to incorporate all of your ideas, but as designers we ask that you allow us creative leeway (micro-managing your designer and telling her how to design can result in cancellation of your order).

Please note that any changes needed to be made to your design after the first 3 digital proofs have been sent will require an additional $10 per proof.  It is important that with each proof we get closer to finalizing the artwork for printing and not going backwards. It is equally as important that all of the content is accurately provided to us before the first initial proof. Please proofread everything carefully before sending it to us for your design. We ask that all changes requested for your proof be sent to us via email. It is very important that we have this for our records, no matter how minor the changes may be.

Should you change your mind through the proofing process and want a whole new design different than what has already been purchased, then a full new design fee will apply. This design fee will start the process over and allot you with 3 new proofs. It may also delay production.

Once the artwork has been submitted for production, no changes can be made.

Your balance must be paid in full before your package ships. We accept check, money order, or PayPal. (PayPal will allow you to pay by credit card, even if you don’t have a PayPal account.) There will be a 3% service fee on all orders over $250 paid through PayPal/credit card.

All completed orders are shipped Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx (with tracking). (Samples are shipped USPS FIRST CLASS, unless another method is requested). Shipping can range anywhere from $14 to $50 (overseas packages can be more), depending on the size and weight of your package. Please make sure your address is current. Serendipity will not be held responsible for damaged or lost stationery in shipping and mailing. Serendipity is not responsible for lost or damaged packages, nor lost packages in the following circumstances:
1. Orders ship to the address specified on the invoice paid – should you have provided an address incorrectly Serendipity is not liable if the package gets delayed/does not arrive.
2. Should the delivery status/tracking of your package be updated to “Delivered” by the post office carrier, and you do not receive it, Serendipity is not responsible, as there is nothing we can do once the carrier has provided confirmation that the package has indeed been delivered.
3. Once the package has left our studio and we have provided the tracking information, we are no longer responsible for your package — any re-productions will be at a cost.

TO OUR OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: Serendipity Beyond Design is not responsible for any duties, taxes or brokerage fees that may incur during customs.

A guest addressing fee of $15 will be noted on your invoice. This covers one round of edits for your guest addresses. Please proofread each address carefully before emailing them to us for printing. Once the addresses are inside the file for printing, you will receive one round of edits. It is difficult to make changes and a $10 charge per additional proof will be added to your invoice if more revisions are needed.

Sorry, there are no refunds on personalized/custom products. Once you give us the OK to print, any mistakes/typos that were overlooked on the final proof are the clients responsibility and a re-print fee will be charged if needed. We will try our very best to make sure everything is spelled correctly and that a consistency is maintained, but we are not proofreaders and will rely on you to make sure all punctuation and copy is correct before printing. Any mistakes deemed the fault of Serendipity will be taken care of at no cost to the client and in a timely manner. It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with the finished product!

In the event that you need to cancel your order, all costs incurred to date are billable (supplies, printing, etc) which will be a maximum of half your order total.

We know that life will throw curves, and for whatever reason, your wedding may be put on hold, or the venue/date/location may change. Should your wedding/event date change, please notify us in writing, and if possible, we will keep your file on hold for 30 days. We ask that you please keep us posted on the status of your order – we reserve the right to cancel your order and give your allotted print date and production times to another client if we do not hear from you with in 30 days. Designs fees can not be refunded after 30 days nor can they be refunded after the design process has been started. All cancellations must be submitted by email.

In the event that a client or anyone directly associated with the client are unreasonable or purposefully difficult to work with, Serendipity reserves the right to cancel the order at any time, minus the design fee /supplies purchased/or products already produced. 

Please do not contact Serendipity intending for us to copy someone else’s designs or artwork. We will use your inspiration to design something completely unique for you, but we will not under any circumstance reproduce another artist’s design. If an image or photo is needed for your design, we can purchase it for you at one of numerous stock photo sites. We can send you a link if you prefer to search for the images yourself, otherwise we will choose the best one for your design. If you have an image that you want us to use for your design, please make sure that you have permission from the photographer. In some cases the photographer will charge a fee, or will request a photo credit – it is very important that the photographer concedes to the use of their image and that they know exactly what the photo is being used for. If you or the photographer has any questions, please contact us.

Our mission is simple — we want to make you happy! If you are unsatisfied in any way, please contact us immediately and we will go above and beyond to make right! Our biggest priority is that your order is unique to you and exactly what you envisioned it to be.