Passport Wedding Invitation| Custom Wedding Passport

It’s no secret that we LOVE Passport Wedding Invitations! In fact, we have an entire section devoted to Passport Wedding Invitations — and it includes DOZEN of custom wedding passports! Making a passport wedding invitation specific for your destination wedding is our specialty and we really get into the details on our passport designs.

Passport Wedding Invitation: The Cover

wedding passportsOf course you want a cover that’s going to immediately capture your guest’s attention, so we’ve created a variety of different and unique options. Perhaps, you’d like to use the crest of the country for your destination wedding — Mexico, Costa Rica, Ireland, The Bahamas, etc. We can also create a wedding crest with elements from your destination wedding location. For instance, this wedding crest features sea horses, a crown, starfish and a heart. Your names and wedding date are thoughtfully placed in the center. Another option is a custom stamp, representative of your love, your travels or your wedding location or simply a beautiful image of your wedding location.

Passport Wedding Invitation: The Inside

passport wedding invitation

Your passport wedding invitation can have 4 inside pages or just 2 — it usually depends on the amount of information you need to provide your guests. Typically the inside of your passport wedding invitation consists of 4 pages in the following layout:

  1. passport_wedding_invitationCouple’s details — your picture, given names, married name, first date, engagement date, wedding date and wedding website
  2. Formal invitation page
  3. Schedule of wedding events
  4. Accommodation details
  5. Passport information, what to do in the area or a note to your guests
  6. Map of wedding location with a brief description of the country/city

Mixed within all these details are additional decorative elements — a flourish on either side of the page numbers, vintage paper background, watermark image (a flower or picture) and custom passport stamps. One of the most important elements in customizing your passport wedding invitations are the custom travel stamps. We love customizing these stamps for locations that mean something to you!

Passport Wedding Invitation: Embellishments

wedding passportFor many clients, the hardest part of their custom wedding passport is selecting the right embellishments. With some many embellishments to choose from, it’s no wonder that it’s a tough decision — ribbon, lace, crystals, raffia, burlap, wood, starfish, sinamay, etc. AND, you can combine several options together for a bigger WOW factor. For example, one of our most popular designs includes a burlap wrap, raffia tie and wooden starfish.

A simple effect is also nice and will make your passport wedding invitation more unique. Maybe just ribbon or raffia in the spine. Or just a couple crystals on the cover a little bit of bling.

So, how will you customize your passport wedding invitation?