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No one wants to have a boring wedding reception. When wedding planning, ask yourself, “What will make a fun wedding reception?” Who doesn’t want something memorable, epic, and load of FUN?!

Party planning is an art all about timing, finesse, and lots of food. Here are some of our favorite ways to make a reception more fun, including games, zones, selfies, and whetting the appetite for late night surprises. 

Create zones

Catering to a wide audience in terms of “fun” can be a challenge, so try to accommodate your dancing guests and your lower-key guests by creating zones in your reception space. Think a lounge area for those needing to sit for a bit or get away from the crowd (preferably away from the music), a dance area, a board or video games area, and a place to nosh and grab a drink. 

Find a good DJ

Add some props

We’ve seen cardboard cut-outs, life-size TARDIS props, faux tattoo stations, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff to play with at weddings. Props will get guests taking photos, getting wilder on the dance floor, and generally making more merry than they would have otherwise.

What’s more fun than GAMES?

Try out some Mad-Libs programs, movie quote games, Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, “achievement quests,”Minglo (mingling bingo), I-Spy, Rock Band, the shoe game, cornhole, and the many ways to avoid having to kiss on command.

Teach a dance lesson

Teaching everyone a simple dance from your culture or just for fun can be a great way to get everyone up and moving. Brittany and Louis taught everyone an easy eight-step dance that looked like a shit-ton of fun.

Include activities from your theme

We love our costume weddings, movie themes, steampunk weddings, and geeky weddings, and these are ripe for adding fun just with decor and novelty alone. This movie-themed wedding used some fancy graphic designing to create amazing movie posters and a film to go along with their movie theme. These are definitely options with more work involved, but if you’re already creatively inclined, run with it! Or just hire a certain type of guard…

Photo booths still kill

Photo booths may seem like an older concept to readers of this blog, but most people won’t have seen them before or at least still love them. You can use those props we mentioned to make the booth extra giggle-worthy. 

For a new twist, think about a slo-mo photo boothThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them or a photo busThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them.


Give out flip-flops

If you’re thinking, “What the hell is fun about flip-flops?” then I can guarantee you’ve never worn heels for too long at a wedding.

Consider live entertainment if it’s within budget

A live band can be spendy as hell, so tread carefully here. But if it’s within your budget, consider a local band that plays music within your favorite style or even a karaoke DJ to let your guests become the live music.

But bands aren’t your only option for live entertainment. Think reception caricature artist,  acrobatsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, fire eaters, burlesque dancersThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, or giant jellyfishThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them!

Plan a surprise for everyone later in the evening

Some of that live entertainment can become a pretty rad surprise later in the evening. You can pull out a choreographed dance routine, a surprise game, sparklers, a small fireworks show (check on restrictions for this), a fire-breathing, glitter-sneezing unicorn, or the food trucks we talked about earlier. Just make sure to tease it early in the night to keep guests from bailing early.

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Choose a fun venue

Selecting an already-fun venue can mean a lot less work for you in the creating fun department. Some of our favorite vendors are weird and wild venues like The Quixotic WorldThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, Urban Light StudiosThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, local Renaissance fairsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, haunted venues, and generally unique venues are all awesome choices.

Feed everyone later in the night

Alternately, consider an after-party for your night owl friends at a nearby bar, your hotel, or back at home. Extend the fun, my friends!

Have a game plan for kids