Looking Good on Your Wedding Day

While you’re on the search for the perfect photographer for your wedding, the one who will capture every smile and detail the way you’ve been dreaming of, it can be so easy to be lost in a sea of photographers. To not know what you’re supposed to be asking, or what the most important questions […]

Passport Wedding Invitation| Custom Wedding Passport

passport wedding invitation

It’s no secret that we LOVE Passport Wedding Invitations! In fact, we have an entire section devoted to Passport Wedding Invitations — and it includes DOZEN of custom wedding passports! Making a passport wedding invitation specific for your destination wedding is our specialty and we really get into the details on our passport designs. Passport […]

Fun Wedding Reception Entertainment | Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

No one wants to have a boring wedding reception. When wedding planning, ask yourself, “What will make a fun wedding reception?” Who doesn’t want something memorable, epic, and load of FUN?! Party planning is an art all about timing, finesse, and lots of food. Here are some of our favorite ways to make a reception more […]

How to Handle a Groomzilla

wedding planning

Does it feel like your groom is taking over the wedding planning? Here’s how to find the balance again. By: David Tutera Okay, we’ve all heard of the bride who lets the stress of her big day get the best of her… you know, the bride-turned-drama-queen we’ve secretly (or not so secretly) nicknamed bridezilla. That’s […]

How to Handle Missing or Extra RSVPs | Wedding Advice | Wedding Etiquette

wedding etiquette

Several of our friends have not responded to our wedding invitations. Plus, some who have responded have returned their RSVPs with additional names written in-even though their invitations did not include “and guest.” What should we do? The first important obligation a guest has upon receiving a wedding invitation is to respond immediately. If your […]

100 Years of Wedding Cakes and Toppers

wedding planning

A party without cake is just a meeting. And a wedding without cake? A glum occasion, indeed! On August 16th, Mode posted a video that takes a decade-by-decade look at changing wedding cake trends from the early 1900s to today. To see the rest of the creations ― designed by Gabrielle Feuersinger ― watch the video below. via GIPHY

Disney Wedding Theme How To | Disney Wedding Invitation

Disney wedding

Whether you’re planning the ultimate Disney wedding at the happiest place on earth or you’re looking to add a few subtle touches that only you will know are inspired by Disney, we’ve got tons of ideas for you. By: Kristen Klein Here are a few of our favorite ideas… Of course, the easiest way to experience […]

How to Throw the Most Fun Wedding Ever! | Wedding Planning

Of course we want you to have fun at your own wedding. But as Amy Nichols, owner of Amy Nichols Special Events and co-founder of The Poppy Group, points out, making your wedding a fun experience for guests is a major component to pulling off a successful wedding. “There are probably 50 to 250 more people who are also choosing […]

How to Elope | Wedding Planning

Nowadays, elopements are an increasingly popular option for couples to say ‘I do’ without all of the pressure that comes with planning a full-scale wedding. From simple city hall proceedings to a destination getaway, elopements come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for any couple who just want to share their special day […]

The Emotional Stages of Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Emotions

It’s no surprise that planning a wedding can make you break out the tissues; as it turns out, there are distinct emotional phases you may go through before getting married. You can experience these stages in any order, and every person’s experience is just as unique as their wedding. By: Stefania Sainato Stage 1: Pure Joy […]