Hello world — I’m happy to have you visit!
A little about me: I love tattoos, unique textures and all things PINK. I drive a pink Jeep and have a little pitbull named Pinky – too much pink? Never! I also have an insane obsession with paper, glitter and shoes. I am blessed to be surrounded with amazing friends and family.

So, how was Serendipity born? Since working at corporate jobs earlier in my career, I knew I was destined for a more colorful future (no gray cubicles at this studio!) In 2006, Serendipity – Beyond Design was created – a business to encompass all of the numerous things that I love to create! Note only do we create beautiful wedding invitations, but we have ventured into the digital design world as well as unique apparel. Through the years and opportunities that I have been given, the below still rings true:

  • Life is way too short to be ordinary
  • Pink isn’t just a color, it’s a lifestyle
  • Every day must be filled with silliness and laughter
  • Think positive, act positive
  • Taking criticism seriously is a dangerous habit

XOXO,  Ginger