Winter Wedding Attire – For Your Guests

While winter isn’t the most popular time of year for a wedding, the number of winter weddings is growing. As a guest this begs the question: What do I wear to a winter wedding?

Planning your outfit for a winter wedding, for me, is a bit trickier than a spring wedding. Some factors include wedding style, location and time of day. Not to mention, the weather — ugh!

Location — is the wedding in a church with country club or hotel ballroom reception? If so, go for the formal plus conservative look. In other words, a knee-length or tea-length dress (a gown is too much and any shorter is too hoochie), while still avoiding plunging necklines and high slit skirts. A bright top and cute skirt would work too. Consider adding a shawl or bolero jacket for the ceremony as well. If the reception is at a restaurant, wear whatever you would normally wear to dine at the same place. Obviously, jeans and a t-shirt are still out of the question.

Color — don’t wear white (duh!). And, if the wedding is in the daytime, avoid black as well. Likewise, skip the sunny yellow and orange options as they are best for spring weddings. Instead look for a dress in rich, wintery colors — deep plum, forest green and burgundy. While red is an acceptable option, lean more towards the dark reds, rather than their bold fire engine cousins. Dark tights can give a casual dress a more formal feel and keep you warm at the same time.

Weather — snow and ice can make for a breathtaking backdrop for winter weddings, so dress appropriately for the weather. A flowing skirt can easily get caught in the wind, try a sheath style instead to avoid exposing yourself. Wedge heels or a chunky heel won’t sink into the ground, causing a potential disaster. Lastly, add a fun wrap or cape, you don’t want to freeze!

All this said, if your invitation says formal attire, that means tuxedo for the man and a full-length evening gown for the lady.


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