Sexy and You Know it: Bride Version

We all know that us girls tend to choose our sweet tooth over our figure occasionally, but yet we all want to look good (especially on our wedding day). So I have compiled some fun, fairly easy workouts and secrets that will help you look good on your special day even with a few slip-ups!

For starters, we should cover the eating part. I know it’s super hard to pass up sweets, so figure out what works best for you:

  • Do you need to completely cut out sweets? 1 sweet a day? 1 splurge day?
  • Try snacking on fruits and veggies versus chips and crackers.
  • Don’t eat unless you are hungry.
  • Try to drink more water and less sugary drinks.

Tips to stick to right before your wedding:

  • Avoid salts.
  • Avoids starches.
  • If you slip up, eat a banana; the potassium will help pump out the sodium.
  • Try to stick to smoothies and no-sodium soups.

This tips will keep you from bloating!

Although you maybe just want to lose weight so you can look really good; remember all the benefits that being healthy has! You want to grow old with your soon-to-be spouse, don’t ya? 😉

[check out this article for more information on secrets to avoiding the bloat]

Moving on to the fitness section, think out the main body parts you want to focus on. Is your dress strapless? Does it have a corset? Maybe you need to look good in a bikini for that honeymoon? Set a personal goal and stick to it. I recommend having a big goal and several small goals that will help you reach your big goal.

ABS: Pretty much every girl says that they want abs, but do you have what it takes to accomplish it? I think so! Here are some exercises to get you on your way. (You can youtube or google these exercises to find full instructions if you aren’t sure)

  • Abdominal Hold (Hard)
  • Side Crunch (Easy)
  • The Hundred (Medium)
  • Opposite Arm/Leg Raise (Easy)
  • Prone Plank (Medium)
  • Squat Thrust with Twist (Medium)
  • Leg Climb (Easy-Medium-Hard; there are many modifications)
  • Russian Twist (Hard)
  • Single-Leg Stretch (Easy)
  • In and Outs (Easy)


  • Hip-Lift Progression (Easy)
  • Toe Taps (Medium)
  • Single-Leg Front Raises (Easy)
  • Squat with Kick-Back (Medium)
  • Single-Leg Squat (Hard)
  • Dumbbell Squats (Medium)
  • Explosive Lunges (Medium)

BACK: You don’t want that back fat hanging over your dress as everyone watches you walk down the isle! So try these easy, quick exercises!

  • Superman (Easy)
  • Plank (Medium)
  • Good-Mornings (Medium)
  • Back Extensions (Medium)
  • Seated Row (Easy)
  • Lateral Pull Down (Easy)

ARMS: Tone up those arms, they will most-likely be completely showing and you want them to look good!

  • Triangle Push-Up (Hard)
  • Bench Dip (Medium)
  • Triceps Extension (Easy)
  • Hammer Curls (Easy)
  • Upright Row (Easy)

Good luck with getting your dream body! Just remember it’s all in your head 😉 That is what gets me through my runs! Pinterest has a ton of awesome exercises, healthy meals, and motivational quotes to help you reach your goal. I also recommend finding a buddy that will stick to it with you (maybe the fiance). Also, try not to go on a diet, but instead make better lifestyle choices. It will make it easier to stick to and not so hard. Once it becomes a habit, you won’t even have to think about it!

P.S. Please keep in mind that I am not a qualified dietician, however these things have worked well for me and I hope that they will work well for you as well. Please consult your doctor before making any serious changes in your diet and exercise.