Rush Production

So, you may need to RUSH to your order from Serendipity Beyond Design – no problem! 🙂
We’d be happy to try and accommodate your request, however, we must make some clarifications below.

If possible, inquire about the rush fee prior to purchasing your Design Fee – should you purchase a Design Fee and later decide you need a rush on production of your order, it may not be an option at that time.
(Basically, we can not guarantee that a rush is even available for your order after a Design Fee has already been purchased.)
The rush order fee is typically 45% of your order total, but can be more or less depending on the complexity of your suite.
You will be emailed a rush fee contract outlining the cost and faster production time for your approval prior to committing to the rush fee.

1. The RUSH only applies to production time — design time and proof turn-around time cannot be rushed.
Due the custom nature of or work, rushing the design time is just not possible. Why, you ask?
Well, it is here that the most mistakes can be made by both parties if time is not taken to review everything thoroughly. You can improve your design and proofing time by providing as much accurate information with your initial design details, and notifying us of changes to your proof in a concise and timely manner. Having a friend or co-worker look over the proof helps as well!

2. RUSH timing varies based on the project, for example:
a. RUSH on postcards reduces production time from 7 business days to 3 business days
b. RUSH on passports reduces production time from 15 business days to 8 business days
For your specific request, the RUSH fee and timing will be approved and agreed on by both parties in advance.

3. Certain items cannot be RUSH, for example:
a. custom wood or acrylic embellishments cannot have a RUSH
b. letterpress , wood invites, or acrylic invites cannot have a RUSH
c. printed samples, or hard copy samples of your design can not be RUSH
(should you want to see a printed sample of your order prior to production, please allow 5-7 business days before we can get your printed sample in the mail)

4. RUSH fees vary based on:
a. type of design/stationery style, number of invitations needed, and embellishments (standard embellishments only, not custom embellishments)
For your specific request, the RUSH fee will be approved and agreed on by both parties in advance.

4. RUSH fees need to be agreed on and paid in advance:
Once both parties agree on the fee and terms of the rush, an invoice for the rush fee will be sent to the client.

5. Rush shipping is not included in the RUSH fee:
Should you need a faster shipping method, your order can be expedited on the cost listed on your final invoice with Overnight, 3 day or 2 day shipping – costs will vary on weight and location.

6. RUSH orders are not eligible for discounts:
Sorry, we can not honor bulk or returning customer discounts on RUSH orders.

We will do our best to accommodate your timing needs, so we kindly ask that you do the same. In other words, if you’re truly in a rush, send us back your changes in a prompt manner (but take the time to look over them too!) Should you not return your proof changes to us within 24 hours of receiving the proof, you are in affect delaying your production by one business day. If you are interested in a rush fee for production of your order, please contact your designer, or email us at and we will let you know if it is available for your order.

Thanks, and happy RUSH planning!