Jamaica Vintage Map Postcard Save the Date

Two of our favorite things are vintage and maps; this Jamaica vintage map save the date postcard is one of our new favorites! We were lucky enough to find this vintage map and change it just enough to make it our own. The nautical star marks the spot of your destination spot (as seen below, Negril, Jamaica). The vintage topographic map shows the varying elevations of the island and the close-up map insets are of Bluefields Harbor and Kingston Port. Between the two inset maps is your unique wedding logo — a nautical compass with your names arcing above and your wedding date below.

The back of the postcard has the remaining details your guests need to know in order to start planning (and saving) for your destination wedding in Jamaica!

destination save the date

To get your Jamaica vintage map save the date postcard started, just purchase a design fee for a similar vintage map postcard and note that you’d like this awesome new Jamaica design!


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