Handmade Wedding Invitations

Handmade wedding invitations are a great way to invite your guests to the event of the year — your wedding! A handmade invite is more personal, more thought out, more unique and more you. Your wedding invitations are an interesting party of the Big Day. They’re the first thing your guests see (well, second if you sent a save the date) and include all the nitty-gritty about the wedding — who, when, where, accommodations, additional events, etc. They are a representation of your union, your personality and your wedding style.

Some brides will make selecting the right wedding invitation a man-hunt — like finding the perfect shade of lipstick. They’ll pour through websites looking for something unique and handmade. Others, you know, the crafty ladies of the bunch, will take the DIY approach and make their own invites — a more time consuming handmade invite.They’ll spend hours up to their elbows in glue, ribbon, crystals and cardstock assembling invite after invite (all the while missing out on crucial cuddle time with their fiance).

To all you uber-crafty, do-it-yourself brides, I offer you this one thought: do you really want to be responsible for such an important detail of the wedding? It’s a lot of pressure and a lot of time — making it a big HUGE monumental commitment while still trying to figure out all the other wedding details. And, trust me, there are plenty of other wedding elements that you can get your little DIY hands on to make; so, let the professionals handle the handmade wedding invitations. We’ll use our years of experience and compulsion for perfection to provide you the ideal handmade invite…from start to finish.

custom wedding invitationHere’s some our favorite handmade wedding invitation ideas:

The Vintage Air Mail Boarding Pass Wedding Invite has timeless details and is super chic for a modern or vintage bride. The red, white and blue colors and wedding logo are completely customized to your needs. The luggage tag response card, including the rafia tie, further envoke your wedding vibe, while still coordinating with the rest of the elements. Let’s be honest, do you really want to cut out 100 luggage tags, hole punch them and finish them with a rafia tie — and that’s just for the RSVP? The handmade invite is secured inside a vintage airline ticket jacket with another rafia tie and wooden airplane embellishment. You can’t buy envelopes like these; they’re printed to match your order — air mail boarder, your return address, your custom wedding logo. No machine could complete these invites — they’re 100% handmade!

custom wedding invitationsBright and fun this custom wedding invite features a pocket card to hold all the extras — response card, accommodation details, itinerary, etc. It’s like a little clutch purse full of wedding details for your guests! The invite itself is layered onto a red backing, before being layered on the shimmery blue pocket card. Crystal embellishments are then lovely and precisely placed (that’s right, we do them by hand) to add a touch of glitz — just like Vegas! On the back of the accommodations card is a custom map of the Vegas strip, providing plenty of ideas for your more adventurist guests.

Another custom invite idea is a wedding booklet. This booklet has an old world look, complete with a castle and knight. Inside there is a printed vellum layer. This transparent paper adds a special touch to this unique wedding invite. Behind the paper is the formal invite and on the subsequent pages are all the details. Another printed vellum page finishes out thecustom wedding invitations book. The RSVP card is an old school trolley ticket, but could be customized to be a ticket for a masquerade or ball.

One major benefit to handmade wedding invitations that shouldn’t be overlooked — they’re made with love. We love making them and we pour that love into each custom wedding invitation we mail; after all, isn’t love what it’s all about?