Guest Address Printing Examples

When it comes to sending wedding invitations, the worse part is addressing them. There is so much pressure to make them look just right, and mucking the up with your hand writing might not be the look you’re going for.  It’s also probably the most time consuming part about your stationery! For these reasons, we are happy to print your guests addresses on your mailing envelopes for you that will compliment your stationery.

To compliment the look of your unique wedding invitation, we like to use one of the fonts from your formation invitation in a complimenting color. However, we will also keep in mind the Post Office’s ability to read the address (as that is most important). We’ll also be careful about the color selected for the printing. For example, a coral on the kraft brown envelope will not be visible enough to mail, instead we’ll recommend a gray or brown (depending on the colors of your invitation). Overwhelmed yet? No worries, just trust us to select the right font and color.

Guest Address PrintingHere are a few more tips when it comes to guest addresses:

  • Be sure to send one to everyone invited — the wedding party, all family members, etc.
  • Allow enough time for your guests to RSVP — it’s best to plan at least 4 weeks for your guests to RSVP.
  • Double check abbreviations — for example: St. or Street, Ave. or Avenue, Apt. or Apartment, etc.
  • Consider writing out the state — Missouri instead of MO

Oh yeah, one more thing… sorry, we do not print guests addresses directly on postcards. Since our postcards typically have a vintage feel, your hand written guest address is a great compliment!

There is a $15 set up fee for us to print your guests addresses – this will be listed on your invoice in addition to your design fee. This set up fee includes 1 round of changes (any changes beyond your 2 address proofs will be an additional $10 per proof). Guest address printing is $0.45 per address, return address printing is $0.30 per envelope (there is no charge for printing your return address on postcards or RSVP envelopes).

Guest Address PrintingThat’s right, we’ll print your return address as well. The return address can be printed on the back of the envelope (on the flap) or on the front in the upper left. For RSVP envelopes, we center the return address on the front of the mailing envelope.

Guest addressing does not include us mailing the stationery to your guests or the postage required to mail your wedding invitations.

We do offer a mailing service, which will save you time and effort in getting your wedding invitations out the door! Naturally, in order for us to mail your wedding invitations, we’ll have to print your guest addresses. We’ll also have to apply all the necessary postage (for the RSVP and the complete invitation suite). All you’ll have to do is mail any overseas wedding invitations — it’s that simple. Once they’ve all been sent out, we’ll send the extras your way (you’ll want one as a keepsake for sure)!