Guest Address Formatting

Addresses, probably the most time consuming part about your stationery! For that reason, we are happy to print your guests addresses on your mailing envelopes to compliment your ensemble. However, that does not include mailing them to your guests for you! If you wish for us to mail your postcards/invitations directly to your guests, please inquire about the cost for our mailing service, as it varies on the style of the item and quantity.  **Please note that we provide your guest’s address printed in one font only – we do not provide handwritten calligraphy at this time.

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There is a $15 set up fee for us to print your guests addresses – this will be listed on your invoice in addition to your design fee.
This set up fee includes 1 round of changes (any changes beyond your 2 address proofs will be an additional $10 per proof). Guest address printing is $0.45 per address, return address printing is $0.30 per envelope (there is no charge for printing your return address on postcards or RSVP envelopes). If there is just a name to be printed, and not address, it is still $0.45 per. 
Please note the $15 set-up fee is not refundable should you decide to no longer have the addresses printed.
(There is a minimum of 30 addresses per order, if you do not have 30 addresses to be printed, then we can not offer this service, thanks for your understanding. Sorry, no exceptions!)


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Please email us your guests addresses as a Word or Pages document (or copy and paste into an email) in the one-column example shown below.
(Please, no Excel files)
1. Please do not number them, add extra spaces, tabs, cells, etc. and all make sure punctuation and capitalization is correct.

2. Please email only one list (multiple files or lists can not be submitted).
3. Please put all international addresses at the end of the list. (Domestic, or U.S. addresses should be listed first).

You can email your addresses directly to your designer, or to, and as always, we will confirm receipt. We will send you an email proof of the addresses in the layout for approval before printing. Once your envelopes have been approved for printing, or sent to the printer, no more addresses can be added or changed. Make sure to email us your addresses prior to your design being finalized, as we need to have the addresses approved before we can invoice you and start production of your order.

————EXAMPLE of FORMAT————-

Luis Arez Jr. and Guest
1234 Olinville Ave.
Bronx,  New York 12345

Mr. & Mrs Barnhard and Family
1234 Woodland Terrace
Livingston,  New Jersey 12345

Mr. John Smith
1234 Milford Drive
Central Islip,  New York 12345


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Do you print my guests addresses directly on the postcards?
Sorry, we do not print guests addresses directly on postcards.

When should you email us your guest address list?
It’s best to email it as soon as your artwork is approved, as we also have to take the time to put your addresses in the layout that coordinates with your suite – which may take a couple of days.  In fact, we can’t invoice you and start the production of your order until the addresses are approved, so have them ready as soon as you can so it doesn’t hold up the printing process!

Will you print my guests names on my inner envelopes?
Sorry, we do not print on the inner envelopes. Should you be ordering outer mailing envelopes with guests addresses, and inner envelopes to specify what guests are invited, you will have to hand write names on inner envelopes.

What fonts are available for printing my addresses?
We always use a matching font and ink from your design, however, it’s important that the addresses are legible, of course, so for that reason we will send you a proof of the addresses prior to printing. Some script fonts may not be legible enough, especially for zip codes. Please note that we provide your guest’s address printed in one font only – we do not provide handwritten calligraphy at this time.



Here are a few more tips when it comes to guest addresses:
•    Be sure to send one to everyone invited — the wedding party, all family members, etc.
•    Allow enough time for your guests to RSVP — it’s best to plan at least 4 weeks for your guests to RSVP.
•    Double check abbreviations — for example: St. or Street, Ave. or Avenue, Apt. or Apartment, etc.
•    Consider writing out the state — Missouri instead of MO