Emily and Joshua Ryan

Congratulations to Emily and Joshua Ryan!

Emily and Joshua Ryan

Wedding Date
June 15, 2012

Check out Emily and Joshua Ryan’s wedding celebration on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas!

Elizabeth Bogh (bride’s sister) and Donald Knowles (Nassau, Bahamas)

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If you want, you can give some background on your story; how did you meet, the proposal, etc.:

Josh and I have been together since summer before my senior year in college- 2003. 9 YEARS NOW!! We moved to NYC after my senior year of college in Cincinnati, OH and have lived in Manhattan for 8 years! We are extreme opposites, but also share common interests in the way we live our life. I grew up as a Musical Theater performer and Josh is an outdoorsy Anthropology/Archaeology major. We both love running in Central Park, great restaurants, traveling as much as we possibly can and doing nothing! We always try to keep everything as fun as possible!

Were there any sentimental items or traditions you used/carried through your wedding?

We definitely had some traditions in our ceremony, although we chose to make ours as non-traditional as possible. I did the “Something Old, new, borrowed, blue.” We also wrote notes to each other right before we left for ceremony that our Best Man/Maid of Honor delivered for us. I walked down the aisle to “Pachebel’s Canon in D:”…but to a steel drum band. We also stuck to traditional things like the First Dance, cutting of the cake, etc.

Tell us about your ceremony:

Our ceremony was all on the beach. We had 64 guests attend who all got a fun “fan” program and a pair of bright-colored sunglasses as they came on to the beach. Our Officiant was wonderful and made us each answers three questions months before, which we weren’t allowed to share with each other. He read our answers out loud during the ceremony and people loved that. The best part was that we had the exact same answer to one of the questions!! We also had our good friend, Ashley, sing in our ceremony (b/c she is an awesome broadway performer) and having a singer in our ceremony was very important to me. I also had my good friend, Kira do a reading of a poem we loved. It was super hot on our wedding day, so I just remember sweating a ton! :)

What was the funniest moment of your wedding or reception?

Probably at the end of the ceremony when I look to the guests and did the motion of a “check mark” with my hands- CHECKED THIS OFF THE LIST! haha!! We had lots of funny moments. Also, when we had all 64 guests posing for one big picture and the only person missing was Josh’s mom and Josh yells loud to her “Ma- THE MEATLOAF!!” (From “Old School”). Everyone laughed.

What were the most meaningful moments of your wedding?

The most meaningful moments were just having that many people come all the way to the Bahamas to celebrate with us. It was so special and unforgettable.

The other moment that sticks out is the Junkanoo band that we had come and surprise our parents (as our gift to them) during the ceremony. Junkanoo is a 10 piece band that rushes in and gets everyone dancing and then leaves after about 30 minutes. It was definitely the biggest highlight for me and it went off perfectly!

Really, the best moment though, was during the ceremony, when we were saying our vows and hearing the Officiant read the answers to our questions. That was so special to hear that Josh wrote all those things about me.

What was your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest in our whole process was finding the right location/island/destination for our wedding. We searched every resort on every island for the perfect place and you realize there is really no perfect destination. So, you have to make a pros/cons list and decide whats most important and for us, it was being on a private beach and being on an island where people could afford to fly to.

Do you have any advice for other brides?

DO IT YOUR WAY! If you really don’t want to have a church wedding, don’t! If you don’t want to have 200 people, don’t! It’s your time to do everything as you wish. Don’t settle! Also, try to enjoy and not obsess too much over small details (although this is very, very hard). Something, though, those little details can make a big difference. We wrote an individual thank you card for 30 Welcome Bags and I think that little gesture helped to make everyone feel special. Sometimes the little things can separate a normal wedding from a really great one. Also, the invites really are important in my mind- they set the tone of EVERYTHING!

My other piece of advice is to really plan out your photos after the ceremony. It flys y and then all of a sudden, you never got a photo with your grandmother. Sit with your photographer and make a concerete plan. Make sure you write down the MUST HAVE photos!

Any vendor/shopping links that you would like to share?

So many wonderful vendors, but my favorites are – our wedding planner in the Bahamas- Anna Fox- http://www.annasweddingbahamas.org/ and also ETSY, which I used for a lot of fun stuff! Buying “printable pdf” files is a great tool to do-it-yourself without having to do too much of the legwork!

One other fun site for cheap beach destination favors is – private island favors. PrivateIslandParty.com. We got 65 pairs of Ray Ban-like wayfarers from there at good prices!


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