About Us

Invitations from Serendipity are not your ordinary mail!
Each item we create will go beyond anything you have seen before! We use our passion for design and those little details that ensure each invite is unique and unforgettable. We especially love working one-on-one with clients to create something completely different and never before seen….after all, life is too short to be ordinary!

Any detail of the designs shown on our website can be altered to reflect you and your event!
In fact, we never create the same invitation twice! Contact us with your ideas and inspirations
and we will bring them to life — together we can be extraordinary!

Hello world — I’m happy to have you visit! A little about me: I love bold colors, unique textures and all things beautiful. I paint, crochet, design logos and create gorgeous wedding invitations. I have an insane obsession with paper, yarn and fabric. I have a spinning wheel and a sewing machine that rarely gets used, but hopefully that will change soon!

How was Serendipity born? Since taking on various jobs within the past few years I decided that I couldn’t limit my creative talents to just one design field, so in 2006 I created Serendipity – Beyond Design, a business to encompass all of the numerous things that I love to create! The past few years have been a tremendous learning experience and have reminded me that:

  • Life is way too short to be ordinary
  • Pink isn’t just a color, it’s a lifestyle
  • Every day must be filled with silliness and laughter
  • Think positive, act positive
  • Taking criticism seriously is a dangerous habit
  • Nothing is more rewarding than working for yourself
  • The growth of this business is a direct result of having really supportive friends
    and a phenomenal husband

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon. XOXO Ginger


Meet Kendra, our Supervisor of Sanity.
Kendra refers to herself as a nerd, but she is super creative and crafty and we love having her as part of the team! Part social media marketing jazz and part designer, she wears several hats. She loves working one-on-one with clients, creating new designs and runs our digital store on Etsy. Plus, she’s the mother of our favorite mini-redhead, Kayleigh (who just loves leaving little hand prints all around the studio).






Tina “Tiny” Heidbrink, Studio Superstar

The littlest member of Serendipity packs the biggest punch… I mean mouth. When not eating candy, drinking sugar packets or harassing JoJo, Tina is our quality assurance queen. Lovingly packing each package and making sure they all go to the right bride is what Tina does best. Outside the office, she moonlights as a cosmetologist, making sure all of our hair looks its best! Oh, and she has the most adorable daughter, Adalee!





Meet Team Quakaloney!

Amanda – our Senior Production Princess! The middle sister of the team, Amanda also just graduated from Lindbergh and is keeping busy working and learning. She’s one of those that likes to run for fun (yeah, I don’t get those people either), but still finds time to crochet everyone here at the studio scarves (that’s a hint, Amanda ;)) At the studio, she keeps the other production gals on track and invitations moving out the door. Without her, work at Serendipity would be quiet and dull.

Becca, the youngest of our team Quackaloney. Volleyball super star at Lindbergh and master of the messy fishtail ponytail, she LOVES thoughtfully placing crystals on every invitation. Off the court she relaxes at home with the rest of the family vegging out to movies and TV.

Alex, the eldest of our team Quackaloney, attends the University of Missouri-St. Louis. When not hitting the books she’s at the studio working on all our amazing designs. Like the other sisters, she loves to read and watch movies. As the oldest, she has the added bonus of being super-sister to the youngest of the clan, Grace (who no-doubt will be working here some day).


Ema Bangert, Quality Queen

Having left the corporate world to embrace her creative side, Ema has an eye for detail, is building her own business, is the mother of two adorable children and is learning to embrace the color PINK. A lover of to-do lists, Ema is rocking the printing press here at Serendipity Beyond Design. Oh, and if you ask her about an 80′s or 90′s movie, she’ll likely quote it then give you a high-five! “We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.”